Digital Imaging is the manipulation of an image using digital tools. Exhibit A provide services for many artists who may not feel proficient enough in digital imaging to get their work to where they want it to be.

Our one-on-one service allows the artist to get past that frustration quickly and to work side by side with our digital imaging consultant, so you know you will get exactly what you want.

Not surprisingly, our primary tool is Adobe Photoshop. But we also use a combination of market leading specialist third party software tools, to get the most out of your file for the best screen and print results.

Typical services include —

  • — Cleaning/Repairing
  • — Colour & Contrast Correction
  • — Conversions to Black and White
  • — CMYK Conversions
  • — Image Enhancement

Talk to Us
Email, call or drop in and tell us what you want from our scanning services. We will explore and advise on all the best options that stay true to your vision.