Exhibit A offers a complete service when it comes to editions. We take great care to get to get the edition master right, by producing test prints and ultimately a printer's proof which we store as a 'hard' copy of your image for later reference. We recommend that the artist 'blindstamp' each print in addition to signing. We then register each print with the UK Fine Art Trade Guild as a third level of authenticity.

The concept of the Limited dition has been around for quite sometime and is traditionally associated with processes like Etching and Photogravure. Until recently, concerns with digitally produced limited editions mainly centred on issues of permanence. This has all changed utterly and today we can produce prints of exceptional archival quality and lightfastness onto beautiful fine art and photographic fibre based papers.

As Ireland's only printer member of the UK Fine Art Trade Guild, Exhibit A prints have been lab tested for requisite lightfastness and PH neutrality. Our process is certified at every stage to be of museum standard.

With our membership we can register any prints made with us into the Guild's central database, which is searchable by any third party. This means that an artist's work can be verified by the guild as having been produced to archival standards for purchasers and collectors, thus ensuring the work's future value.

Martyn Turner

Martyn Turner - June 25th, 2008

The Irish Times asked Exhibit A to produce Limited Editions of 12 Martyn Turner cartoons selected for annual end of year calendar. Exhibit A produced a limited edition of 25 of each cartoon, each blind stamped and signed by the artist. These were sold through the Irish Times website but Exhibit A processed all orders both framed and unframed.