The goal of photographing Fine Art is to produce the most accurate colours possible, in other words, to produce a faithful image of the original artwork.

The first step in getting the process right is to get the lighting right to suit the work. With 2D works, lighting will create or flatten the surface texture. In the case of 3D work it is important that the lighting creates the appropriate mood. What is over-lit for one sculptor may be under-lit for another, so when possible we prefer the artist to be present for a 3D shoot.

All images are fully colour managed ensuring the closest possible match to the original artwork. At Exhibit A we take this process very seriously. We believe our custom built lenses and use of colour management at every stage of the process from capture to print allow us to achieve our goals and your best work efficiently and consistently.

Siobhan McDonald

Siobhán McDonald — 'Closer to Home'

With Siobhán McDonald's painting we took great care to carefully light the work to ensure best colour and detail.

This, combined with our in house Colour Management process means we were able to capture the image as faithfully as possible with minimum fuss and no need for hours of gruelling and/or costly work in Photoshop.

Mark Joyce

Mark Joyce — 'Detail 01'

Mark Joyce

Mark Joyce — 'Detail 02'

The details of Mark Joyce's painting to the left illustrate clearly how our process can achieve both great control of colour, texture and detail.

Of particular note here is how we brought out the brushstroke details in the white areas, a notoriously difficult colour to reproduce.


Drive In

Jesse Jones — '12 Angry Films'

This image is from a series shot to document Jesse Jones' Twelve Angry films, which was showcased for 3 nights at a specially constructed theatre at the Pigeon House in Dublin's docklands.

The images were then used for a publication documenting the shows. Our photographer worked closely with the artist to achieve the artist's specific vision as closely as possible

Many artists often wish to explore new media but do not feel they have the technical skills necessary. Digital imaging and photography can be technically intimidating. Exhibit A is proud to have facilitated artists in achieving that end.

Artists have an initial consultation with us so that we understand the work they want to produce. We then draft a proposal as to how we might best assist them in meeting their goals.

Finally, we assist them technically during the shoot while the artist maintains creative control of the outcome. Above all we want to make the process of exploring new media fun and informative with work that meets the artist’s vision.

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