Exhibit A produce exhibition standard prints with care and attention through a highly personalised service using specialist archival inks and papers. In the hands of our skilled print makers, this combination produces exceptional results that often exceed traditional photographic printing processes.

Our primary print type is the Pigment Ink Print or Archival Pigment Print, sometimes referred to as a 'Giclée' Print. We prefer the term 'pigment' as this signifies that the print is produced using an archival ink. To make a truly archival quality print, pigment inks must be used on archival digital printing papers.

Exhibit A can print to a staggering maximum width of 162.5cm (64") and a roll length is 12m, or in some limited cases, 20m. Our large format printer can also print with both photo and matt inks and has one of the largest colour gamuts in the market today. (Note: Not all papers are available for the maximum width — check with us on what is possible for your image).

Of course the perfect print cannot be achieved without having Digital Master whether it be a scan or a RAW file. If you wish to prepare your own files, please see our resource section for tips on how to prepare the best file for printing.

Exhibit A Printer


Exhibit A have developed a step by step process for the production of exhibition or edition works according to best practice. Although we don't hold you to it, we believe it achieves the best results for your work.

Step 1 - Image Analysis

We work with you to analyse your digital file and determine what post production work needs to be done, if any, prior to printing. Next, we prepare a working master file for print.

Step 2 - Test Print

We prepare two A4 size test prints to assess the two key elements in achieving a fine print:

  1. Sharpness - we print a chosen detail of the digital file to test for sharpness
  2. Colour - a scaled down version of the whole image is printed to test for general colour

Sometimes a second test may be required. Next, we prepare the printer's proof.

Step 3 - Printer's Proof

This is the final master print - a 'hard copy' of the digital master file and ultimately the best reference for any further prints in the edition. This is a full scale print of your digital image on your chosen paper. Multiple proofs are numbered and marked with variations in print settings. The final version is held by Exhibit A as a reference for any future prints of the edition.

Step 4 - Final Edition Print

This is the print edition produced for exhibition and/or sale. For multiple prints of one image (such as a limited edition series) the first print is charged at a premium but subsequent prints are subject to discount according to volume.


We use what are considered internationally to be best Digital Fine Art Papers on the market today. Hahnemuehle are the general market leaders, though we also hand pick papers from the Crane and Harman range also for their excellent print quality. We continue to test new papers as they come on the market.

We also print onto specialist media, such as:

  • Japanese Washi
  • Handcoated Papers
  • Handcoated Metals
  • Handcoated Cloth
  • Wallpaper

In fact, Exhibit A can print onto any substrate provided that it is perfectly flat and less than 1.5mm in thickness.


'Digital Negative' is probably a very new term to most photographers/artists. It refers to the fact that the negative was actually digitally printed onto special ceramic coated OHP paper.

The art of creating a good 'digital negative' is tricky and very specific to the process for which you want to use it, such as platinum print, gum bichromate, cyanotype etc.

Many early photographic processes need to be contact printed (not enlarged) and so the the negative needs to be the same size as the print and also needs adjustment to work well with different processes. Exhibit A can help you create the most suitable negative for your chosen process.

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