We take scanning seriously. This is your one opportunity to get the most out of your film or slide. There is little point in using those Zeiss lenses, or taking great care with your choice of film and developer, if you can't get an accurate digital file from it. If you intend to digitise your film, getting the right scan is as important as choosing your lenses. It is worth remembering, you can't add quality back into a file if it wasn't there in the first place.

Exhibit A use individually profiled scanners with superb optics to ensure the highest possible scan. We routinely scan 16bpc (48bit colour) for detail and will multipass if required. For high quality scans we do not use any software cleaners preferring a combination of physical cleaning and digital spotting.

We scan:

  • — 35mm film/slide
  • — Medium-format (120) film/slide
  • — 5x4 film/slide
  • — 10x8 film/slide

We also provide flatbed scanning services.

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Email, call or drop in and tell us what you want from our scanning services. We will explore and advise on all the best options that stay true to your vision.